patrick t. davis

Quick Links

IMSA Digital Commons

The IL Mathematics & Science Academy hosts student, faculty, and staff academic work through the Digital Commons platform. On my profile, you will find some selected works that I have produced or been a part of while at the academy.

LaTeX Tutorial

Pin-Hung Kao and myself developed a brief overview of LaTeX for those learning it as part of the Graduate Student Seminar at CMU. It includes examples for a variety of things - including formatting text, typesetting basic mathematics, incorporating/drawing figures, and using BibTeX.

CMU Beamer Theme

As a sort of hobby, I developed a Beamer theme for Central Michigan University. Anyone affiliated with the university is welcome to use it, but you should check out the user documentation for some tips beforehand.

Python ODE Projects

At MathFest 2016, a number of people expressed interest in the Python projects I developed as part of my instruction of an introductory ODE course (with some help on specific problems and examples from the Boyce & DiPrima textbook we used). I decided to post them here for easy access. Feel free to adapt them for your course.